GCAC Complete Third Buyback


557.50 more tokens were added to GCAC's balance sheet this morning, adding +3.73% to the price. This once again was much more than 1% of the quarter's revenues.
At 09:56 UTC, 0.375 ETH ($1,484.73) was swapped for GCAC tokens. This was done during a dip in the price of Ethereum to maximise the effect this buyback would have.
This brings the total tokens GCAC now own to 101,457.32, with 1,457.32 tokens having been previously purchased through buybacks.
This once again highlights the value GCAC have placed on the buybacks. Although the agreed minimum for each buyback was 1% of the quarter's revenue, GCAC went above and beyond yet again by committing 80.7% of this quarter's revenues to investing in the tokens.
Following on from an exciting couple of weeks of news coming from the company in relation to deals, this confidence would bode extremely well for token holders as we move forward. With deals worth hundreds of thousands per quarter being announced, it is hard to find a better time to buy GCAC tokens!