Selling your NFT


Now you have your NFT in your wallet, what do you do if you want to sell it? Follow the steps below to do just that.
Step 1: List on OpenSea
Click sell in the top right corner of your NFT’s page on
First, decide on which method of selling you wish to use. Here, I decided to auction mine to the highest bidder.
Choose whichever minimum bid you wish to allow, the reserve price and the expiration date. (Note: 1 ETH is the minimum reserve price you are allowed, but you can always accept offers below this.)
Initialize your wallet, approve your token, and confirm the details of your sale. Once you have completed these steps, your NFT will be on the market ready to be bid on!
Step 2: Pay Gas Fee to Transfer the NFT to the new Owner
Once bids have come in, you can accept these and complete the sale. All you have to do is click accept…
…Send the gas fee through from your wallet…
…and once you do this your NFT will be sold! Enjoy your newfound profits!